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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


© 2006 Diana Ting Delosh
Ink & Watercolor
Illustration available as a print

All it takes is a few errant carrot peels and one clumsy bunny for a kitchen calamity when the bunnies make a carrot cake. Here's an oldie from my portfolio for this week's Illustration Friday prompt - CLUMSY.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Optimistic Starts

© Diana Ting Delosh
Ink & Watercolor
Attended the 1st CBIG meeting of the year. The speaker, SM, an executive editor, from 1 of the Big NYC pubs, was very upbeat and optimistic and gave a lot of really good advice. Here's just a sampling.

1 - Seasonal ideas sell. Book stores do seasonal promos - publishers like that a book can get this boost. As the artist/writer we should just submit the seasonal ideas anytime as publishers sign up the projects way in advance. Show that you can do seasonal art.

2- Strong, quirky, independent, character based stories sell. Think Fancy Nancy, Harry Potter

3 - He's personally not into anthropomorhic animal stories .

4 - 2012 will be a big year for picture books - his opinion based on demographics. Get your manuscripts/dummies submitted now!

5 - Sharpen the text. Keep your picture book word counts around 500. Less is more.

What a great meeting to start off 2010. Now to use that positive energy to keep me moving though the months ahead! Quick send that tailored art sample pack ASAP.

Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 Creative Goals Simplified

Aside from the usual be organized, prosperous, productive, prolific, creative - And how I plan to do all this in a routine & balanced manner. Specifically I want to:

• Finish my mid grade Mystery Manuscript/art & Sub
• Bunny & Bear Picturebook Manuscript/dummy & Sub.
• Create proposals /sub to other markets.
• Create mid grade/YA illustration portfolio samples: jacket & interior art. - approach these markets
• 3 Mass Postcard Mailings: 1 - Jan/feb_, 2 - before May8!_, 3 - Aug/sept_
Greetingcarduniverse: Reach 1000 cards in store mark (Ended 2009 with 505 cards in store. This was 1 of my few bright spots last year. Hope it continues to improve and shine in 2010)

Must Keep mind and all 4 limbs in motion and moving towards the finish line! In 2009, I felt like I was stuck in a hamster wheel! Sure I was very busy - but most paths seemed to deadend. Must break free of the wheel!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

FRUIT PUNCH, Greeting Card
© Diana Ting Delosh
Ink & Watercolor

Whew - 2009 is finally over - Cheers to 2010!
Wishing all a wonderful, creative, productive and prosperous New Year!