Welcome to my blog , The Hare Illustratère. I'll be posting about my art process and journey as an illustrator/author here. To find out more about my whimsical & elegant illustrations on nifty things you can buy, please Visit my other blog, The Art Hare's Wares.

About Me

Self-Portrait © Diana Ting Delosh
Ink, watercolor wash, digital

I contracted the art bug at the age of 2 when I nibbled through my first box of crayons -all 64. I have been doodling away ever since, whether it's for a commission or an independent project. 

My illustration clients iclude: Pearson Educational Publishing, Farfaria, Harcourt Achieve, Ladybug Magazine. My writing has appeared in: Highlights/High Five and Ladybug magazines. I am  a member of the SCBWI, CBIG and LICWI. I am also an CBIG officer. 

Currently, I live on Long Island and share my weedy backyard with assorted rabbits, squirrels, birds, possums and other critters.

Highlights High Five Pewter Plate for Puzzle Poem of the Year, Bubble Trouble, July 2008. 
SCBWI Magazine Merit Honor Award for Illustration 2002.
You can find me at:
Website: DianaDelosh.com
Illustration Blog: dtdelosh.blospot.com
Twitter: @dtdelosh

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