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Monday, June 30, 2008

Bubble Trouble: From Idea to Publication.

I'm so happy to announce the publication of my poem, Bubble Trouble, in Highlights/High Five magazine, July 2008, pg 12 & 13 illustrated by Holli Conger. Yay!

If you're interested in the submission process - Read on.
Bubble Trouble from idea to published poem took 4 submissions and 7 years. Note: there is more to my life between 2001 and 2008 than this 6 line poem but that's all I'm blogging about here.

I first thought up Bubble Trouble in 2001, scribbled down the rough draft and posted it on a corner of my drawing board. All the better to keep an eye on it while I worked on illustrations /graphic design assignments, other ideals, life, etc. Every now and then I'd tweak a word or line until it took pretty much the same form as it is today -a 6 line poem. I also thought it would make a cute rebus and created a double spread layout.

Submitted my BT poem & suggested sketch layout along with sample illustration and SASE to Ladybug magazine fall of 2001. Why Ladybug? Because they were publishing my In the Garden, illustration and counting activity. And I thought it was perfect for their readers aged 2 - 6. Waited - way past the 4 months they said it took to review & return submissions before finally sending a query. It is the spring of 2002 when I get a reply that they don't keep records of unsolicited subs but I may resubmit. I do. More months pass - finally my SASE comes back at the end of 2002- REJECTED! Albeit a personal rejection. They have a surplus of bubble submissions!

After some sulking, I revamp art for a single spread and submit to Highlights Magazine 2003. They do use rebuses but I still think it's a longshot. More months of waiting - but it does come back - form letter rejection. Well I did think it was a long shot.

BT submitted to Turtle magazine July 2003 and is rejected that December. I sulk, indulge in massive quantities of chocolate, file it away.

2006/2007 - I read in my newsletters: Children's Book Insider and Children's Writer that HighLights will be coming out with a new publication. High Five magazine will be aimed at 2 - 6 year olds. I make a note to myself to submit art samples and maybe create a proposal. One day it dawns on me that I have a perfect project for them in my files. BT is: reviewed, tweaked and submitted July 2007. September 4,2007, my sketches are returned but they are interested in publishing my poem. I'm a bit surprised as I always thought that my art sold my writing but I accept. A month later, the editors send me edited copy to review and a publication date of July 2008!


Donna McDine said...

Diana...a well deserved congratulations...KUDOS!

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Thanks Donna!