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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Happy Birthday Book & Three Blind Mice

I'm happy to belatedly announce that  2 e-book apps that I illustrated have been published by Farfaria

The Happy Birthday Book E-Book App written by Olivia Grey came out in April 2013. There are many ways to say happy birthday.  On each page of this book is a different country and how they say Happy birthday in that country. I chose to illustrate this book by picking a different animal to represent each country and wherever possible to show the special way that country celebrates birthdays. I was surprised to discover that some countries traditionally did not acknowledge individual birthdays but now have adopted many of our birthday customs.
The Happy Birthday Book
cover art
On page 4, for the country, China -  I chose to illustrate a Panda Bear standing in front of a bamboo forest, holding a plate piled high with the traditional chinese peach shaped birthday buns. The steamed buns are filled with sweet black bean paste - yum.
Page 4 - China
Three Blind Mice e-book app written by John W. Ivimey and illustrated by moi, Diana Ting Delosh was published by Farfaria in June 2013. Actually the art for this book was inked and watercolored in 2012, my Mother Goose year.
Three Blind Mice
book cover
 This is the complete tale of the Three Blind Mice, from the day they walk out of their front door on the search for adventure to the ill- fated meeting with the Farmer's wife and her kitchen knife and afterwards. Yes , there is a happy ending for the mice after all.