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Friday, August 16, 2013

Fox Promo Postcard

Just sent out a batch of my latest postcard design. I actually had these printed up for me to hand out at the 2013 NJ SCBWI June Conference and at the 2013 July NY SCBWI Illustrator workshop* - so a few of you out there may be familiar with my Fox promo postcard already. This card features my current favorite ink and watercolor illustration. On the back I have a sample of my illustrated type something new that I've been exploring.

I chose the LARGE postcard size because the proportions of my illustration fit on the large card with very little cropping. As I was already splurging on the oversized postcard I decided to go cheap on the back and picked a line art image. I had ordered 250 Fox Promo cards, enough for handouts for both  events with enough leftover for my second mailing of 2013. I'm really happy with how the printing came out and the usual fast service at VistaPrint.com .
Front of postcard - Ink & watercolor © Diana Ting Delosh

Back of Postcard - hand inked decorative type © Diana Ting Delosh

Now that the Fox promo cards  have finally been sent out, I should start thinking of what will be on my next card. Better get cracking on new illos. Need a new darling - fast. Geez this promo thing never ends - just goes round and round.

*I've been meaning to write a blog post about my experiences at these two SCBWI events. I promise I'll get to it soon. Really.