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Monday, November 4, 2013

It's PiBoIdMo time

It's November and PiBoIdMo Time once again. Or 30 Picture Book Ideas in 30 Days -November 2013. I swear to come up with at least 30 Picture book ideas during November 2013.

Yes you too can Officially Register for PiBoIdMo 2013.  Or Just read some inspiring and motivating posts about creating picture books at Tara Lazar'a blog .

FYI -PB generating Idea tip: Do NOT lay in bed and try and will yourself to have a PB idea before you fall asleep. You may have a dream that may be a good PB but if you're me you will have a bizarre operatic dream or two but they will not make good PBs. Do keep Pens and paper handy in case you do get a great PB idea in your sleep. I confess to date I only have 1 Picture book idea but after a couple of years of doing this excerise I know by the end of this month I WILL have 30 ideas.