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Saturday, February 21, 2015

#PicturesMeanBusiness - Credit the Illustrators

Logo by Sara MacIntyre
SO what does the above title mean? or refer to? Well click on the following link and read the very thought provoking post by Sara MacIntyre: #PicturesMeanBusiness

In short, We illustrators mean business. Illustration is a real profession and our illustrations enhance and add value. Too often the author of a book is mentioned but the illustrator is not, nor the designers. BUT would that book have even been given a second glance without the addition of the illustrations or thoughtfully designed type and cover???? The #PicturesMeanBusiness tag is meant to help bring awareness to the illustrators and illustrations in the biz. The post is a call to urge recognition for our profession and credit for our hard work wherever they appear but specifically in publishing. How can the value of illustration be quantified if there is no or limited data?

Happy Year of the Sheep, Ram, Goat!

Zen Ram © Diana Ting Delosh
Ink watercolor & Photoshop
Happy Year of the Ram! 
Wishing All Good Luck, Prosperity and Happiness 
in the coming year.
Last but not least a Creative and Productive year too.

Chinese New Year began on Feb 19, 2015 and there's 15 days to celebrate the beginning of the New Year.

In case you're wondering about the indecisive nature of  the Animal of this year, it's because the Chinese word doesn't translate neatly to sheep or goat (rams are male sheep)... however I'm sure the animal in question minds. 

FYI: My Zen Ram illo may be found: 
as an Art Print  and other nifty products on society6.com/dianadelosh
on t-shirt & mugs at zazzle.com/deloshdesigns*

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thumbelina: Sleep - Illustration Friday

Thumbelina © Diana Ting Delosh
Ink, watercolor and Photoshop
I've been thinking that I'd like to work on a series of Fairytale inspired art for awhile but it's only recently that I've actually put pen to paper.  I like the theme of fairytales because:
• I love them
• A lot f the stories involve people and I need more of them in my portfolio
• Versatility -  can be classic or  re-imagined as modern day fantasy. Full color or black & white, for the pre-K set or even YA or even just as handlettering.

Every now and then synchronicity occurs. This year I have a chance to submit a Fairytale illustration for an upcoming  CBIG group show.  Incidentally I'm currently doing the KidLitArt Challenge #kidlitart28, 28 illos in 28 days, can be just doodles or even finished art. Which started me doodling fairytale related art amongst other things. I also participate in a weekly twitter illustration challenge #colour_collective,  based on weekly colors. Last weeks color was Powder Blue a very dreamy color. So of all my doodles I chose to work up Thumbelina. Which just happend to feature a Sleeping Baby, Perfect for Illustration Friday's current topic: SLEEP. Tah Dah - illustration challenge trifecta!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Dickens: CBIG illustration Exhibit 2015

Ghost of a Wedding Cake Art Prints  may be purchased at

My Biro (ball point pen) Illustration, A Ghost of a Wedding Cake, Inspired by the Charles Dickens novel, Great Expectations is hanging in...

Dickens, A Celebration In Pictures
Feb 5 - 21, 2015
Poe Park Visitors Center Gallery
1640 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10458
Open: Tues - Sat, 8am - 4pm 


Along with the art of my fellow CBIG  artists:
Lisa Cinelli, Diana Ting Delosh (me), Peggy Dressel, Laura Goetz, Leeza Hernandez, Sara Kahn, Doreen Marts, Donna Miskend, Marilyn Papas, Clare Pernice, Roberta Rivera, Vicky Rubin, Cheryl Taborsky, T. T. Tyler

For more info and schedule of events Please click on the following link: