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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The 2015 CBIG Illustration Directories are Live!

YAY - the 2015 CBIG Illustration Directories are now up on the CBIG website. I am so proud to be amongst so many amazing illustrators. Please click on ILLUSTRATOR DIRECTORY to flip through the pages and see for yourself.  Go take a peek. Did you find my promo pages in both directories?
I'm honored to say that my  Bear & Hare illustration made the cover of the 2015 CBIG Color Illustration Directory The cover images were picked via a vote by the CBIG membership. By the way, my  promo is on page 10. 

Did you spot my promo on page 7 and my spot illustration on page 31 of the 2015 CBIG Black & White Illustration Directory?
FYI - The individual pages are also being posted on the CBIG blog.
Happy viewing.

In case you are wondering. Yes, I did design both directories. Just like any other other CBIG member, I could submit a cover for each book that I had a page in. And just like any member I could vote for the 8 illustrations I felt deserved a place on the covers. Yes, we were allowed to vote for our own art. No, I did not tally the votes.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Illustration for Lucky 2 B Quilting Logo

Lucky 2B Quilting Logo illustration - signage

This summer, I was hired to create Clover, the logo mascot for the Lucky 2B Quilting store. Originally, Cassie the new owner of the shop had inquired about usage of one of my dancing bunnies but I pointed out that my original art for that piece was barely 3" tall. For her store signage she needed something sharp at 14 inches high. Furthermore and perhaps even more importantly, I am using my dancing bunnies for all sort of things and was not planning on stopping. The  solution was to create a bunny dancing with a lucky 4-leaf clover in her mouth just for her store signage. Note I only created the Clover illustration. The logotype and quilt background is someone else's handiwork.

The challenge for this job was that the line had to be sharp and crisp at about 14" high and still clear when reduced for use on a business card or letterhead. Since I work in traditional ink & watercolor vs digital vector art, I had to make sure my ink line would maintain its integrity at both ends of the  spectrum. To figure this out, I enlarged my 3" bunny to 14" and matched pen widths to the blurry outline. Than I reduced the test lines to business card size to see which looked best. 

This was a fun commission and Cassie was a pleasure to work with. If you're into quilting and other fabric arts, please visit Cassie and Clover online or at the store:

421 Main Street
Pecatonica, IL 61063

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2015 Color Illustration Promo Page

All Art © Diana Ting Delosh
Bear hugs Hare illustration
Bearish  Fuzzy Initial Caps: D T D
ink & watercolor
Here's my Promo Page in the soon to be released 2015 CBIG Color Illustration Directory. One of the reasons why I've taken on the Directory project for our group is that I believe a group of talented illustrators makes a louder  noise than an individual artist.  More immediately, being part of a group project means that I have to create my promo pages  by a real deadline. Of course you should still promote yourself as an individual illustrator every chance you get.

One of the problems I have with creating my promo pages is deciding on the art. For 2015, I finally decided to showcase my new fat ink style and my hand lettering. I chose my Bear hugs Hare illustration, from my picture book dummy, Bear and Hare, for it's emotional heart. Which in turn led me to design bearish fuzzy initial caps for my name.

The objective of any promo piece is to intrigue the targeted viewer to take a gander at your website. Hope this page does the trick and  leads them to: dianadelosh.com

In case you missed it, click 2015 Black & White Promo Page to view my page.

Note: When the CBIG Directories go live they can be viewed at cbig-nyc.com and cbig-nyc.blogspot.com

Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day!

Ink & Watercolors
© Diana Ting Delosh
Here's to the last Hurrah of summer!

For me, Labor Day has always signaled the end of summer and the start of the fall. Even if it still reaches 90º - autumn is in my head along with all the promises of a new fresh season.