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Monday, January 30, 2017

Happy Year of the Rooster!

Rooster © Diana Ting Delosh
Ink, pen, brush, watercolor
Bye Bye 2016. 
Hello 2017! 

Don't know about you but for me, 2016 was one of those years, as a friend tactfully said maybe it's your transitional year. Perhaps. Whatever. On the plus side and going forward, I did have a few AHA moments that I'll share with you. I guess these are my sort of resolutions.

• To only apply/submit to things that are appropriate for my skills, and tastes. I tried a few paths last year that I knew probably wouldn't work in the name of being open and trying new things. Mind you there are problems with tunnel vision too. Still, I need to be mindful of being true to me and not waste time on long shots... just because it's an opportunity. Balance is needed between the two extremes.

• Try NOT to wait until the last minute to submit something before the deadline. Unfortunately, if it's a submission opportunity sometimes they close that window of opportunity early due to a flood of submissions. Yup, it happened to me in 2016. Create and submit, ASAP.  Also, my theory is that they start forming their opinions as the submissions come in. So if you wait too long your submission has to be that much stronger. As I said, it's only my theory.

• Must Create Faster. Come up with something unique and beat the crowd to the finish. Of course it's has to be wonderful but sometimes all the fussing may mean that you'll miss out. And then your wonderful idea is no longer unique. You ever notice that as soon as you have a great idea for a star-nosed mole character or other odd animal, that there seems to be a trend for them while you're working on your idea? It's like the universe spied and snitched on your plans.

• BE BOLD. Believe in yourself, ideas etc. - create and submit. Sure you may know everyone else will be creating ABC but if you're thinking MNOP do it. Never mind what everyone else is doing and what you think is expected of you. Follow your instincts. When I did, it worked out really well for me.

Here's hoping we all have something good to crow about SOON!

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