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Thursday, December 29, 2022

SOI -Robert Quackenbush & Sketchbooks Part 2

One of the Reasons that made this years Society of Illustrators, Original Art Show a must see in person event  was that my former teacher and mentor, the author illustrator, Robert Quackenbush was being honored posthumously on the 2nd floor. Since I was there of course I had to visit the 3rd floor where they exhibited SOI member illustrator sketch books. This was a bit of an eye opener. While a few of these illustrators had sketch books that looked like finished art quite a few of them had sketchbooks that looked like mine. Books filled with things like reference and research sketches as well as  as recording life. I am so glad I left my studio bubble to see it ALL in person. I hope to do a few more visits to the SOI in 2023. I didn't realize how much  I missed visiting galleries and such until I made this trip. Here's hoping to see more illustration exhibits in 2023.

Nate Cepsis
Sketchbook One 2022
I begin each day by filling a whole page in my sketchbook, using primarily a black marker. Simply, the goal is produce images without thinking. This process gets my motor skills working and also reminds not draw in my head, but rather tactually draw in real life. The image that is produced on paper is always different than the one in produced in the brain. This thought can be intimidating, but embracing it leads to fascinating results. 

I'm thinking of embracing Nate Cepsis' practice into my 2023 daily creative ritual. I keep way too much of my process in my brain. I should know by now that stewing things in my mind doesn't help it get down on paper any faster as the real work doesn't begin until I try to put it down on paper.  The marinating in the brain just gives me a false sense of productivity when really I'm just procrastinating.

So morning ritual 2023 here I come. I am going to commit to filling up 1 page daily either with drawing or writing or even both. One of my goals in 2023 is to create more. More illustrations. More writings. Which in theory should result in more submissions and ultimately more acceptances.

Happy Holidays!

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Saturday, December 10, 2022

The Original Art Show 2022 Part 1

 I finally went to see The Society of Illustrators, Original Art Show 42nd Annual Exhibition in person. It has been awhile. Up until the Pandemic, seeing this show was one of my fave holiday traditions. The last two years I viewed it vicariously through the show catalog. I’m glad I went. It was an amazing smorgasbord of illustration. There was about 200 pieces a lot more than what they usually accept. Below are a few pictures of the show but they definitely don’t do it justice. While final digital art may look the same as the printed version, the originals for collage and traditional media has a tactile quality that must be seen in person.

As usual I bought the catalog as a gift to myself. It's a bonus for children's book illustrators as it lists along with the winning illustrator and book title, the medium, publisher, imprint, art director/designer, editor and author. Great for doing research as to who or where your illustrations might be appreciated.

Hope you get the chance to see the show before it closes on December 24 or maybe just buy the show catalog. Happy Holidays

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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Advent Calendar: Days 1 thru 7 of my Christmas Illustrations

 I've been getting into the holiday spirit by posting my Christmas/wintry illustrations as an Advent Calendar over on my Instagram. As a greeting card designer it's no surprise that I have amassed quite a few Christmas designs and I thought this might be a good way to show some off. There might also be a few fresh ones that are just illustration thrown into the mix. I'm posting daily over on IG but I'll be posting them in batches over here for those who aren't on IG.

Day 1: Barn Owl Flying Through the Snow

Day 2: Christmas Honey Bears

Day 3: Peace to All

Day 4: Lion and Mouse

Day 5: Peace Dove

Day 6: Ugly Christmas Sweater Bunny

Day 7: Christmas Joy 

So are you All set up for the big day? Have you dug out your ugly Christmas sweater? OR are you more like me a bit of a procrastinator? No matter what, Happy Holidays!

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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Happy #KidLitArtPostcard Day!


 Here's a melange of my illustrations for the December KidLitArtPostcard. I'm an illustrator and I'm in the process of wrapping up one project and on the hunt for something fun, full of sweet animals and maybe even a touch of magic.
If this was a normal day I'd be posting this on Twitter, Instagram and Hive  -but it is not. And apparently there is something wrong with my key board because all the lower case "Ys" are missing. HA! I also managed to somehow anger the Chief Twitterer cause my account got suspended for???? And I just tried posting on Hive but that site seems to be quite problematic and I can't post an image right now. So I'm down to one working social media site. sigh.
Just discovered that it must be just a blogger problem because when I go to preview this post there are too many lower case y's all over the place. Think I caught all the errant y's. So please excuse the whining. Now I'm going to do some sketching at my drawing board and away from the computer.

So how's your December 1st going? Hope it's less problematic then mine.

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