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Saturday, July 26, 2014

MATS -July Warm Up - Beverages

The final month of Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells Boot Camp was structured differently from all the previous months. As usual we got the mini first with no hint of an assignment. Draw, sketch, paint, whatever 7 beverages - from life - in any medium, try discarded surfaces etc. BUT unlike all the previous months we were NOT Allowed to Share our creations. EEK! Was Lilla preparing us for life after Bootcamp? And Now that the July Gallery has gone live...
1 - French Tea -© Diana Ting Delosh
ball point pen in my journal
2-Morning cup of Tea © Diana Ting Delosh
3 Rapidiograph Pen on paint test scrap

3- Mike's Lemonade Sketch - © Diana Ting Delosh -  fat marker on the paper towel I used to dab my brush with and clean up my paint wells with. Loved the way how the marker bled on the crumpled toweling.
 4 - Glass of water - © Diana Ting Delosh -  fat marker on the paper towel that I use to blot my inks and paint.
 5- © Diana Ting Delosh -  fat marker on the paper towel blotter.
6- Ice creamed Coffee - © Diana Ting Delosh - Pen  sketch in sketch book
7- Mom's Ice Cream Soda - © Diana Ting Delosh -  pen sketch in sketch book

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