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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Creative Stumbling Blocks

SEED PACK © Diana Ting Delosh

I'm in the midst of a creative block - hopefully towards the tail end of one. I first tried just working through it. If I was stalled on my picture book idea, I'd work on my various other projects. At least this way I was still creating and producing. No problems creating new card ideas for GCU. My sketchbook was overflowing with other ideas. I'm already daydreaming about my next book idea. I'll just take a short hiatus from my PB and comeback refreshed. Right? Wrong - I soon discovered I was fine on every front accept my current PB. The solution? Just grit my teeth and force myself to work on it. Did it work? Yeah - finally! And I'm happy with the art and I can chug along on the next illustration in the SF series. (Seed Pack is 1 of the illos from my PB that's giving me a headache!)

So what's the problem? Is it the idea? No -at least - I'm fond of it. And I'm happy with the sketches and the finished art when I finally finish them. So what is it??? Hate to say it but I believe it's the field of publishing and picture books that has me blocked. Lately there's been nothing but bad news - editors and art directors being laid off, whole divisions merging, folding. Here I'd just made their acquaintance and now, POOF no more. Combine that with the brutal competition even when the economy was good and my recent bad experiences of loosing dummies. Well is it any surprise that I wonder if my efforts are for naught?

Any solutions? Should I just rethink my ambitions? Sure - I've considered it many times. Even left the field a few times but unfortunately I've always come back to it. So now what? No real answers - but keep on doing my best work as well as looking into other fields and possibilities for my creations.


Ginger*:) said...

Seed Pack is delightful. PB work is tough. Taking a break is good therapy. Getting back to the PB is awesome.

The image of seed Pack reminded me of a book I just read called: The Library .
The heroine is always so busy having her nose in a book that she constantly trips over things, walks into walls, and steps knee deep into all kinds of predicaments.

I hope the cute bunny doesn't fall into a hole or stub his toe.

Good luck with the PB from start to finish. We will all say a prayer for the PB industry as a whole!

Madonna Davidoff said...

Hi Diana,
some tips for "unblocking": hope this helps==it does with me..
1. do things you enjoy as a child like reading your favorite childhood books again
2.play with toys or create one like paperdolls, dollhouses..etc
3.cook up and taste some " soul food" you normally ate as a kid that brings you good memories
4. take a walk now that good weather is here
5. relax and breathe deeply, do things slowly and enjoy the present moment and count your blessings.