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Friday, July 3, 2009


Bouquet Ink Line
© 2009 Diana Ting Delosh

I am betwixt and between projects. Recently finished my PB manuscript/dummy and now it's making the rounds. Sent out all my promo postcards - not too many returns. Even set up my writing game. So now I'm doing a lot of waiting.
Keeping all my digits crossed & hoping for good news. I hate this phase. Need to get busy. Which means I'm trying to figure out what's next. Should I revise an older book dummy? Work on my early reader mystery manuscript that I put aside when things got hairy? Start on totally new ideas? What?

Well while I'm trying to figure out my next big project I've been keeping busy doing mini projects. Working on the weekly games for Which Would You Rather Be?
Created a few new GCU cards. The Bouquet line art above is the base for 1 of my cards. The concept: a bouquet of red, white & blue flowers for all the patriotic holidays. I was just about to start painting when I realized that if I scanned the line art I could paint it multiple times to suit many occassions. Trying to keep busy but still need to be art smart.

So many projects to do but which one first?

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