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Friday, May 28, 2010

Now Hanging at the One of Us Exhibit.

My ink & watercolor, Moi at 9, hanging at the One of Us Exhibit at Book Culture, sponsored by Tilbury House. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the Book Launch party last Monday night, May 24, but my  friends did. PatriciaKeeler took this photo for me (Thanks!).  Marilyn Pappas reported that there was a good crowd and some people took pictures of my piece. Of course they could've been taking pictures of the art surrounding it but we'll be optimistic.

At any rate, I'll find out soon enough if it sold (for charity) as Tilbury will return my original via my SASE if it didn't. Wonder if it garnered me any notice in the publishing community (I can hope). So was it worth doing even if I couldn't attend and schmooze in person? Yes, if only because it got me to sit my butt in front of my desk, with subject, deadline, size (almost like a real assignment) to create a nice portfolio piece. A people one at that! I now have 32 animals to 12 people illos in my portfolio. More people coming up soon.

For a close up of Moi at 9 art. 
To see my friend's art.
For scenes of the book launch party visit the CBIG Blogzine


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