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Friday, November 12, 2010

30 Picture Book Ideas in 30 Days!

Came across this neat exercise via twitter and Yup - I've signed up to do PiBoIdMo - which stands for Picture Book Idea Month. The concept is to come up with 30 PB ideas in 30 days during the month of November. I've decided to use portable, handy index cards. 1 idea per card. Small enough so I won't feel threatened but big enough to put more thoughts if needed. They can be filled out whenever/wherever my muse strikes.  Which I've discovered is not as easy to coax out. So what Have I discovered to date from this exercise.

• Nothing get's done no matter how small unless you make time for it.

• I need to be unplugged from my computer and all things E - clear my mind and be quiet. And only then will I get an inkling of any idea.

• It's not as easy as I thought it would be. I find that I'm flipping through my cards to make sure I'm not repeating myself.

• I seem to have an easier time with my concept ideas than pure fiction ideas. With the fiction I mostly just have a premise where with most of the concept ideas I have an actual beginning, middle and end.

• Some ideas are very promising and others are amazingly blah... but I'm not going to throw out any cards until after November 30th!

• It's a lot of fun putting down the ideas on index cards.

So far I'm on target with 12 ideas in 12 days. At anyrate I figure it'll put me in a good position to have a new book dummy for my CBIG Review 2011. Next year my goal is to have my dummy done in time without loosing any sleep over it!

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