Welcome to my blog , The Hare Illustratère. I'll be posting about my art process and journey as an illustrator/author here. To find out more about my whimsical & elegant illustrations on nifty things you can buy, please Visit my other blog, The Art Hare's Wares.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ta Dah! The Art Hare's Wares Blog Opening.

Grand opening - my new blog - THE ART HARE'S WARES. This blog will focus on my whimsical and elegant art  that is available for purchase in my:
• Card Store at greetingcarduniverse.com/dianascards
• Gift  Store at zazzle.com/deloshdesigns*
• Giclée Print Gallery at wingedrabbit.imagekind.com
As well as any other news of my art and writing when they're available in a retail way.

Having this other blog where I can feel free to hawk my wares will allow me to keep the focus in this blog on the creative journey/process. This way I won't be turning off the editor with my hawking and the fan looking to see if they can buy my art as a print won't be bored silly with my post about the submission process or tutorial about making a soft bound dummy or any of my other artsy interests. Different blog posts for different folks.

I'm hoping that having this other blog will help me to ramp up my promotion which will result in increased sales. And if this experiment in art sale promotion works  -I'll report it here.

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