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Friday, March 18, 2011


© Diana Ting Delosh
Ink & Watercolor

The bunny family is at it again. Cultivating a garden takes hard work: watering, weeding and harvesting. My illustration for this weeks IllustrationFriday.com prompt - CULTIVATE.

I've been trying to cultivate the habit of working on my personal drawing or writing first thing, everyday. It starts me off on an upbeat mode, even if it's only for 15 minutes. Unfortunately it means having to get up earlier to squeeze it in before the daily grind of must do's and should do's eats away the day. Which means I should go to bed earlier and not watch mindless hours of TV into the wee hours of the night. Not the easiest thing to do for an unnatural lark.  

Garden Gaffes is available as a giclée print.


Indigene said...

Hmmm...I see we do the same things! Lol! I just look so worse for ware, because of doing this! Beautiful line work and colors! :)

Judy Adamson said...

I love the little 'sub-plots' in this illustration!

I'd have a big problem if I started drawing before I'd done all the 'necessary evils' - I'd never get them done! I have to keep the drawing time as an incentive/reward to get all those chores, like phonecalls and paperwork, done!

Morph Waffle said...

Oh How sweet, really love the bunny in red shorts!

Di said...

Indigene: Ha ha -Yes I'm definitely looking the worse for the ware.
Judy: I thought that might be the problem w/me too- but I find that the neccessary evils always get done on time ( because they're evil) but the things we do for love stay undone if you don't give them the time.
Missy and all: Thanks for dropping by and your lovely comments. The bunny in the red shorts is my favorite character too.

lisa lewicki hermanson said...

This is lovely.
Looking forward to the coming of Spring!