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Saturday, January 4, 2014

365 DRAWINGS 2014: Hammock Lion #1

Happy 2014!
Here I go again with high hopes and big plans for the New Year! One of the things I'd like to do is just DRAW MORE in 2014 and get back into blogging. Planning on doing 365 Drawings* to be exact - one for each day of 2014 and posting about them.

Here's my debut Drawing,  Hammock Lion, Drawing  #1, Jan 2, 2014. My 1st with 364 more to go. Needless o say I may have to double up or quadruple a few here and there.
Hammock Lion © Diana Ting Delosh 1/2/14 Pencil Sketch
Inspired by the prompt, HAMMOCK in 642 Things to Draw, Chronicle Books 

*Rules for my personal challenge.
• Planning on doing 365 drawings and posting them on this blog. Meaning no work or other hush hush illos will be shown under the 365 Drawing header. The 365 will be additional drawings.

• May not draw or post daily BUT I will do: 31 drawings in Jan, 28 in Feb, 31 in March, etc.

• Drawing = sketch, finished illo, doodle, ink, etc. in any medium but must take some thought. No five second wonders to fill my monthly quota. And yes there may be different versions of a subject. Example: I may decide to do a finished version of my Hammock Lion - which would count as another "Drawing".

• All Drawings will be numbered and dated. And posted when I can.

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