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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Drawn to Picture Books - Group Blog

Current banner for the DrawnToPictureBooks blog
I'm really honored and happy to be a part of the DrawnToPictureBooks.blogspot.com bloggers. As you can see by the icons in our banner, there are 6 or us (from Left to Right): Barbara DiLorenzo, Mike Ciccotello, Patricia Keeler, Deborah Cuneo, (Me) Diana Ting Delosh, Jason Kirschner.  I hope you'll be joining us on wednesdays as we post from our perspectives in the picture book world.

Our Meet the Artists debut posts.

Diana Ting Delosh: Jan 13, 2016
Barbara DiLorenzo: Jan 20, 2016
Patricia Keeler: Jan 27, 016
Mike Ciccotello: Feb 3, 2016
Jason Kirschner: Feb 10, 2016
Deborah Cuneo: Feb 17, 2016

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