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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sky Pony Critique Winner


Yup it's real. I received the official winner e-mail and it's been announced over at D2PB

In case you're wondering I followed the rules to Win a Sky Pony Editor Critique: bought my copy of Patricia Keeler's, adorable picture book, Lizzie and Lou Seal and put my name in the hat by sending an e-mail to Sky Pony Press. Now to be honest, I almost didn't do it because I figured I never win these lottery things. Sure I've won things: books, a pink flamingo balloon, goldfish, even SCBWI conference tuition but for some reason I was sure only other people won reviews from editors or agents. And then of course I myself was sharing this great opportunity on Twitter and FB so even when I did throw my name in the ring I  didn't think I'd get it. I mean every other author and author/illustrator was applying. Right? Which just goes to show that you just need to be in it to win it.

So what did I win? An "Above the Slush" opportunity to submit a manuscript/dummy and have it reviewed by an editor. Really reviewed. Which in this day and age of  publishing houses only replying if interested is a BIG DEAL. At least it is to me. Now I'm off to polish my picture book dummy to a high gloss before I officially submit it to Sky Pony. Wish me luck.

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