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Saturday, December 31, 2022

Art vs Artist 2022, My Illustration Year in Review

 I've been admiring ALL my illustrator friends' #artvsartist posts on social media. I have always been of two minds about it: 

1- I want to do this!

2- EEK! I am not posting my image and do I even have enough work that I'm proud of etc... self-doubt and imposter syndrome showing up here. Balance that with I've created all this work but I can't show any of it until it's published and... Sigh.

Anyhow this year I decided to kick my uninvited guests self-doubt and imposter syndrome out the door and do it. TAH DAH!!! here's my #artvsartist2022.

It's actually a lovely way to review the year as an illustrator and to celebrate it. My 2022 illustration year started with a focus on my black and white illustrations in hopes of picking up middle grade/chapter book type projects. I also worked on my humans with hopes that they will play nice with my animal illustrations. I even tried some limited palette art which really appealed to my graphic designer side. I have also renewed my interest in Art Licensing and plan to build up a portfolio for that field in 2023.

Here's a fond farewell to 2022. I didn't manage to accomplish everything I wanted to do but there's always the coming year! 

Bye Bye 2022 and Hello 2023! Wishing everyone a creative, productive and prosperous New Year!

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Deb said...

Great work, Diana!Your work has grown so much this past year! I love watching the ever-evolving styles of my illustrator friends and I look forward to what you have in store for next year! Happiest of New Year to you and yours!

Di said...

Thanks, Deb, and a wishing you a wonderful year too!