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Sunday, April 16, 2023

KidLitArtPostcard 2023, Jan - April

 The first trimester of 2023 is behind us and so far I've kept my promise to myself to have a "New" #KidLitArtPostcard for each month.  Although I must say the first Thursday of each month keeps coming by faster and faster and I have almost been caught short.  Here they are in order:

January: A Panda Panda illustration from my picture book dummy that I had not used for a previous KidLitArtPostcard. Whew!

February: My spread from Elinor Glad to be Together Family by Susan Layne. Coming out later this year. Thankfully, I had asked the publisher if it would be OK to share some of the art ahead of the actual publication date and they agreed.

March: An illustration sparked by the February SCBWI #DrawThis prompt, Worm's View. I didn't finish this illustration for February 20, BUT I finished it in time to Post as my March KidLitArtPostcard.

April: This one was a doozy as my brain was on other things and I found myself a few days before KidLitArtPostcard day without anything. EEEK! But I was able to come up with something and squeak it in to post on the day! When in doubt put wings on it: A Winged Lion and his Boy. But it was nerve wracking!

So what's the fuss you ask? It keeps me on my toes as far as always creating goes. It gives me something new to feed the social media beasts. Another benefit is that I have a selection of digital postcards that I can send out to prospective art directors/editors. If they're looking for greyscale chapter book fantasy art - got it. Whimsical bug world art -got that too. And the arts ready to send - it already has all my details on them.

Hm-m-m Thursday May 4 is coming up. I better start thinking about my next KidLitArt Postcard.

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