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Friday, August 18, 2023

2023 CBIG Directories

I'm really honored that this year, both my cover art submissions were voted in by my peers to be on the covers. As I'm on the CBIG Directory design team, I always submit cover images along with my promo page for both books. But it's been awhile since my art actually made any of the covers never mind both.  YAY 2023!

Yuko ToriiDiana Ting DeloshNavina ChhabriaLeeza Hernandez

Here's my Color Promo on page 13.

Here's my B&W Promo on page 4.

Finally a shout out to my CBIG Directory Team members: Deb Cuneo for all the image collection and dealing with all sorts of minutiae and Vicky Rubin for proof reading and checking for inconsistencies.

The CBIG 2023 Illustration Directories are now Live! Do go and check out ALL the wonderful illustration Promo Pages that make up Both Directories at: cbig-nyc.com/portfolio

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