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Thursday, April 17, 2008


UGH! - © 2007 Diana Ting Delosh
The Illustration Friday - word of the week is: Fail

To FAIL, To be a failure - to be a Loser, to be a Reject, etc.
Introducing Fern Messy, a character from a picture book proposal I'm currently shopping around. She epitomizes how I feel when one of my proposals is rejected. Even though I know not to take it personally - my gut reaction is to feel like I've failed.

Awhile back I had asked my mentor and friend, the great children's book illustrator and author, Robert Quackenbush if he had any advice on dealing with rejection/failure. He shared his 2 favorite mottos ( borrowed from Winston Churchill):

"Always pass from failure to failure with enthusiasm."

"Never give up! Never give up! No, never, never, never give up!"


Tom Barrett said...

Great words to live (and draw!) by.

Nice illo, too!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, great words and illustration (you can feel the frustration!) It's never easy to deal with rejection and not to take it personally... But those words are quite inspiring!