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Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Illustration Promo Postcard

Here it is - my promo postcard design - well the front anyway. I know the usual wisdom is to use your best already created image but I got this great idea. Originally
I was going to have Skunk say "On the internet, we can pass as people!" It tickled my funnybone. But common sense prevailed. It is after all supposed to be my postcard to launch my illustration Website. And it was getting way too type heavy and cluttered. So now Skunk is just shouting dianadelosh.com - in big letters. It works better design wise too, I think.

The back will just have my return address and will feature a small ink/line drawing of a girl chalk doodling on the pavement. Yup - I do draw people - animal and nature is just a specialty.

1 comment:

Ed Mahony said...

Looks great, really like it.