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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

HBF Library Show Postcard

Self-Promo Postcard for the general public
© Diana Ting Delosh

Just received the Postcards I created for the HBF Exhibit (see previous post) that I ordered from Vistaprint about 12 days ago. I should have used the 7 day delivery option but I had to be a wise guy. Previously I had used the slow deliver, cheapest option and always received my order within a week. Why pay extra for 7 days if I don't have to - right? Ta-dah... because.. when you most need it in 7 days - they change their delivery methods. Anyhow it's here now. Not too bad. It could've been March 21st which is the original slow delivery date. While it would have been nice to have all my handouts out at once - it's not crucial. I do have an art list flyer with all my website, GCU and IK URLs out and I have also designed a few bookmarks.

Did consider having a "Guest sign in/comment" book until I looked at the featured artist's "book" in the main gallery - I was surprised to see negative comments!?! sprinkled throughout and very few - e-mails - which is the purpose of a guest book. The negative, snarky comments were a bit of a shocker after all who needs that! Incidentally I liked her images. So no guest book for me.

So far my out-of-pocket expenses for this promotion experiment has been the cost of 3 pre-cut mats, 11 frames/hanging wire and 250 Postcards. Luckily I had some hanging wire and enough white mat boards to cut out 9 mats. Thankfully the library is taking care of the art list and bookmarks.

Now I'm off to drop-off my postcards - about 30 should be fine to start with and I'll check back weekly to see if they need to be replenished.


lisa lewicki hermanson said...

Can't believe someone left negative comments in the previous artist's guestbook - usually that is not the case!
Will stop by to see the show.

Di said...

Yes! -Amazingly rude. They wrote things like boring and worse. Needless to say they were cowards and didn't sign their name or leave an e-mail.

Thanks in advance for visiting my show.

Ginger*:) said...

This is a beautiful card Di. I would hope that anyone viewing a show would have the good manners to leave an email or name, not a snide comment. It is true, they aren't going to make their names available after being so impolite.

All the best , this is a classic.