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Saturday, May 8, 2010

12 Week Challenge - Illo #1

Illo #1 - MOI at 9
FYI: see Zero2Illo.com for more info about the 12 Week Challenge.
My process? It begins with the assignment. In this case the assignment is illo-1 (6 people illustrations). As I also needed to create original art for the One of Us Exhibit (more about this later) - self-portrait, any medium, must be flat and 4" x 6". No problem -fits my 6 people illos parameters. Illo #1 would be me at 9. When I was 9, I loved to draw in the garden with my cat, Gracie beside me. I begin by doodling layout ideas in my sketchbook.
Once I've settled on a layout I rule out my paper and start penciling on tracing paper to size.

I use my lightbox to transfer the sketch to watercolor paper and refine the pencil sketch some more before I begin inking. When I've finished theink I scan it - just in case something goes wrong in the coloring step.

Before I begin to paint I tape the paper to my desk on all 4 sides to prevent my paper from warping. I like to start with my trouble spots like the girls face. There is not a lot of room for error in water color so I want to get past my tricky spots in the beginning. I put in all the shadows using either a bluish gray tone or a warmer brown tone -depends on what color goes on top. And then I keep painting - being careful to let areas dry so nothing bleeds or fuzzes unless that's the desired effect. When I think it's finished -I walk a way -take a breather and then comeback. Look it over and decide if I need to do any overpainting to adjust the color. For this piece I decided that the grass was too yellow & pale so I put a bluer green wash on the grass area. I wait until the piece is fully dry and then cut it off my desk. Scan - TahDah - here it is!

Moi at 9
© Diana Ting Delosh
Ink & Watercolor

Whew -1 down and 5 more people illos coming. Number 2 coming right up.


The Art of Maria Senkel said...

Lovely illustration. I loved reading about your process.

Welcome to the 12wC!

Ginger*:) said...

This is just gorgeous! I am trying to figure out how to confirm your blog for networked blogs... I think you have to send an email from someplace on FB... I will happily do so when I figure it out. *:)

Di said...

Thanks Maria & Ginger!

Ginger - I think you're right for some reason the request to confirm this blog message via FB doesn't seem to work right. I'll just e-mail you directly thru FB.