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Monday, January 31, 2011

Judy Adamson's Art and Design blog: Guest Post by Illustrator/Author Diana Ting Delosh...

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my friend and fellow GCU and Zazzle artist, Judy Adamson. Please click on the link below to jump to her blog and read the interview.

Judy Adamson's Art and Design blog: Guest Post by Illustrator/Author Diana Ting Delosh...: "Our guest post this week is an 'email interview' with Diana Ting Delosh, illustrator and author, whose work I have very much admired ever s..."


Softpencil Studios said...

I´ve enjoyed so much the interview Diana! I love animals and Beatrix Potter illustrations as you!
and I agree with you when you say "My favorite illustration projects have been those that I have learned from." ;)

Michele said...

Hi Diana, I enjoyed your interview on Judy's blog very much, and will follow you now with interest. I was advised to become an illustrator, but took the path of fine art, only to find that I am now getting illustration commissions! It's a steep learning curve, and I am having to get to grips with contracts and stuff, eeek! Your work is beautiful, and I am sure you will find a publisher for your latest project, determination reaps rewards in this business I find.

Di said...

Thanks - I'm glad you enjoyed the interview.

Michele: there's a lot of info out there - I recommend the SCBWI and the graphic artists Guild -Pricing & Ethical Guidelines book as a guideline. The book is available at most bookstores/library.