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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Art Biz sites: tried & results to date

OK time to  review the new things I've tried since January 2011 to beef up my illustration biz and any results to date.  Sort of a  review - that I hope you may find useful, keeping in mind that what works for me may not work for you and vice versa.

www.illustrationboard.com  - Free site, created by an illustrator friend. Nice because it just links to my website - dianadelosh.com and I don't have to spend time loading and updating art for  this site. It also has a FaceBook page so you can post news or share new work. Nice and laid back. However this site itself just began in January and to date it has just sent some traffic to my website, but hey, it's FREE and friendly.

arthareswares.blogspot.com - Started a new blog to hawk my functional and wearable art wares. In hopes of boosting traffic and sales at my stores: www.gcuniverse.com/dianascards,    www.zazzle.com/deloshdesigns*, wingedrabbit.imagekind.com. So far the results for this venture have been very interesting and unexpected. Yes, it has boosted traffic to my stores and I believe sales. The interesting news is that this blog, according to Google Traffic Analytic, has been my number 1 referrer to my illustration website since it began! That's going on 3 months in the number 1 spot. It has also made me aware of any weak spots in my stores that need to be addressed. If you don't already blog, definitely begin one and if you do, blog more. 

www.behance.net - FREE site. OK I was invited (anyone can join) but what made me sign up was their job board. They actually had jobs listed under illustration & drawing and not just jobs for someone who knows Adobe Illustrator. YAY. However this is one of those communtiy networking sites where you have to be social and friend other members and join groups etc. and load art etc. Personally between: LI, FB, Twitter, forums, etc. I'm a little overwhelmed by all this socializing and underwhelmed by the results. However you can follow me at: www.behance.net/dtdelosh and I promise I'll do likewise for you.
The Job Listings have been mainly for surface designs for functional ware: water bottles, iPhone cases etc. Which sound like fun. So I've added more florals to my portfolio and plan on expanding my illustration repetoire... and of course applied for a few listings.

hireanillustrator.com - $7 per week or annual fee. HAI gives you opportunities to stand out by submitting news, which they may feature on the home page (prestigious assignment, awards, etc.) or  just posted with thumbnail on the side bar. HAI also puts out a newsletter (monthly?) with some of the submitted news and of course their FB fan page etc.  Plus your item may also get picked up by their related site the thelittlechimpsociety.com. Meanwhile, I'm still figuring out what constitutes illustration news - is my new promo postcard newsworthy? Noticed that some artists announce their POD/Etsey news. Sure I could do this weekly but I'd rather not. I'm probably over analyzing this. Did submit my "Lucky Cat for Japan Aid" news item and I can even attribute a few sales to that. It is referring people to my website. No assignments yet, but it's only been 2 months.  Find me on HAI at: hireanillustrator.com/i/diana-delosh.

I've removed my Kidlitart Blinders as a result  of trying Behance and HAI. Time to create more art - round out my portfolio. Submit. Promote. Get assignments. Make things happen. Make news.


Tracy Bishop said...

Thanks so much for this helpful roundup! It's so helpful to have another artist's perspective about these services. I recently cancelled my space on HAI because I wasn't getting the kind of traffic I wanted from that site. I think I mostly got other artists and the only kind of contact I received was from people who wanted to self-publishers.

I'll definitely check out Behance.

Di said...

HI Tracy. Ah the self-publishers. I get them but I think mine are from childrensillustrators.com and Linked-in. I'm hoping HAI will get me other types of work... but only time will tell.

Morph Waffle said...

Great roundup, useful info, I think I'm going to sign up for HAI this week just to try it out, it doesn't hurt to try.

Michele said...

Thanks Di for posting this useful list! There are so many sites to put a portfolio on, plus POD stores plus sell real art stores... it becomes mind numbing. Could spend all my time building my internet empire (!) Personally I have recently taken some advice to use similar banners, text on all websites, blogs, and it does look more 'together'. I wonder what you think of this idea? Kind of making an internet 'identity'.

Di said...

Hi Missy. Yup that's how I feel about HAI. Especially since you can pay by the week and you don't have to commit to a whole year.

Hi Michele. Agree 100% with you. There are a mind boggling array of sites aimed at us, artists. It's hard to figure out which one are worth the time and or money.

I haven't thought of the banners - but it does make sense. This way the public might make the connection between all our online sites. I do use my sketching rabbit icon as my online icon/avatar and people have told me that they recognize me via my Icon. Does this mean I'm off the hook for coming up with a wonderful Banner for this site?