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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas
Peace, Comfort and Joy
to ALL this Holiday Season!

Winter Raccoon Girl
© Diana Ting Delosh
Ink Watercolor & Photoshop 
I know, I can hear you: Raccoon Girl, now that's a lame name. Agreed, but until I come up with a wonderful name that matches her character I'm referring to her as Raccoon Girl because it is so generic  and begs to be changed. Currently I've been tossing about Racquel - but Racquel Raccoon is perhaps too euphonious and then there's Rosie which is less so. Anyway stuff to mull over while I stay cosy in my winter den. Ahem, I mean studio.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mr. Squirrel's Apples - E Book illustrations

Mr Squirrel's Apples,
story by Olivia Grey,
Illustrated by Diana Ting Delosh,
Published by  Farfaria 2014
Click to preview a few pages of the latest e-book Mr. Squirrel's Apples that I illustrated for Farfaria. A fun math, counting, subtraction, concept story. Another fun ink , watercolor and Photoshop illustration assignment. Below are 2 illustrations from the book. They are page 4 and page 12.

Yay - I'm a 2014 PIBOIDMO Winnah!

PiBoIdMo 2014 Winner Badge - art created by the talented Vin Vogel
For taralazar.com/
Yay - I'm once again a PIBOIDMO winner - Having successfully come up with 30 Picture book ideas in the month of November. Not 30 wonderful ideas mind you. Here's the breakdown:

6 of my PB ideas concern a certain character of mine that is begging for a story. I can see this character down to her fashion tastes. I think I need to pay her some attention and hear her out.

7 of them have more then a glimmer of an idea - more heart and meat. Some of these have popped up in previous  PiBoIdMo Lists in various incarnations. Probably why they have more substance... and may be reaching critical mass... at which point I will have to do something with them.

The balance are mere titles and some very meh thoughts to fill the quota.

Not too bad. Reminds me of a photography course I took wa-a-a-a-ay back. My Photography teacher, Mr. Fox, would tell us to shoot at least 100 pictures. We would then make contact sheets of all the images. Look them over and pick 3 that we thought were worth developing into prints in the dark room. Hm-m-m so which PIBOIDMO ideas will I be developing into PB dummies over the next year?

Monday, December 1, 2014

Tom Turkey E-Book Illustrations

Written by Olivia Grey
Illustrated by Diana Ting Delosh
Performed by Melissa Trachtenberg
Published by Farfaria Fall 2013
Click on the Link to my Thanksgiving E-book, Turkey Tom  and you can turn a few pages. I had fun illustrating all of Tom Turkey's animal friends. Giving each of them distinctive head gear that reflected their character.  Below are 2 of my illustrations from the story.

They are respectively page 1 and page 4.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

PIBOIDMo 2014!

It's November and it's time for Tara Lazar's Picture Book Idea Month. It's become an annual tradition for me. Some years I'm better at it than others. Hopefully this will be a good year...at least I signed up early and I'm thinking PB ideas on Nov 1 vs on the 25th like last year. Not that November is the only time to think Picture Book Ideas but having a dedicated time to think them up helps to capture them. It's like having a deadline to do something vs saying whenever. I don't know about you but I'm more likely to come up with something tangible when given a deadline vs being told whenever. Unfortunately whenever never seems to come around.

Yes -I solemnly swear to come up with 30 Picture book Ideas in 30 days in the month of November 2014! 

Over the years I've tried different methods of logging in my ideas: dedicated book, Random scraps, index cards, Looseleaf binders... What seems to work the best for me is writing them down mainly on pre-numbered index cards, you never know when inspiration will strike, and pop them in a box. Makes it simple for me to go thru when I want to start another Picture book manuscript/dummy. Although most times I work with whatever haunts me.

Picture Book Illustrators/writers who want to join in the fun- just go to Tara's Blog and sign-up for PiBoIdMo by November 7th... or just read her blog at TaraLazar.com and get inspired.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Last Hurrah for Summer!

Elephant Beach © Diana Ting Delosh
Ink & Watercolor Photoshop
Art was created for the 2014 NJ SCBWI June Conference Illustration Gallery. The exhibit theme was "Down by the Shore". And Yes I still plan on writing about my conference experience... some day soon... hopefully before winter.

Heres to 1 last Hurrah for summer! 

I don't know about you but I had 1 of those summers. Typical really, you know, in early June you have all these visions of what you think you will be doing for the summer and then life happens and before you know it -It's Labor Day and it's all over.

Not really of course. It's now just fall and your list is still there and growing as fast as you can subtract from it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

GTS 2014: Mini-Terrarium Wall Art

TAh Dah -drum roll please... here's my take on mini-terrariums... FLOURISH
Flourish © Diana Ting Delosh 2014
Ink, Watercolor and Photoshop
The brief for round 1 of Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search was to create Mini- Terrarium themed wall art and type was a requisite.  My process begins with doodling. To come up with a phrase or word, I jotted phrases that came to mind in my sketchbook, my journal on the edges of job scraps, napkins, etc. I began with a large terrarium image focus and phrases like: Small World. As the doodles progressed I found the foliage kept growing out of my container and sayings like Grow Where You're Planted or Get Out of Your Comfort Zone or Grow Wild came forth. Could I distill that essence into 1 word?? 
Flourish Sketch © Diana Ting Delosh 2014
The sketch only hints at whats to come.
Finally came up with FLOURISH, a word with a lot of meanings. It could mean thrive or to brandish something like a sword or  to embellish. My concept was of a delicate plant growing inside the mason jar, bursting out of the confines of the safe jar to be this wild, slightly chaotic plant with big showy blooms.
Mini Terrarium Plant - Ink  © Diana Ting Delosh 2014
Note after I painted the lines I decided the composition was too tame . The plant needed to be growing off the page.
The actual art was created as 3 separate pieces: the mini-terrarium, the Flourish hand lettering and watercolor background wash.  Put together all in Photoshop. Couldn't decide if the type should be bigger or smaller and in the end went with the smaller type version. Only to hit submit and decide a second later that I preferred the bigger type layout as in the original sketch  - oh well.

Incidentally, the GTS 2014 Gallery is Live -Click here to see ALL 999 Entries. My Entry is on page 13, mid-way down the 1st row smack in the middle of amazing gorgeousness. And in case you were wondering -Nah, I'm not 1 of the 50 semi-finalists.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Global Talent Search 2014 Competition!

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search  2014
I've officially thrown my art into the ring - Hoping to be 1 of the 50 semi-finalists in Lilla Rogers' 2014 Global Talent Search Compettiton.  There are 999 entries in the 1st round. so - if my math is correct, that means if you're selected as a semifinalist that means you're amongst the top 5% of really amazing illustrators. Needless to say the competition is fierce!

The brief for round 1: create a piece of wall art - theme of mini-terrariums. Piece Must include type - may be hand lettered. Any medium allowed. Art Size : 7 x 9". Presentation size: 8 x 10". We all received our brief on August 4th and the deadline was August 18th, 12 noon EST about 2 weeks to create wonderfullness.

I am so glad that the brief for the first round was something that I have an affinity for. Loved the idea of mini- terrariums and plant images that this brief conjured up. The only bugaboo was the type /lettering part. Not the act of hand lettering mind you but deciding what the word or words will be. Found this part the most vexing.

Sorry but I can't show my piece publicly until the GTS 2014 Gallery opens show casing all 999 illustrations. Which will be I assume before the 50 shortlisted artists will be announced on Tuesday Aug 26th. That's in a week! OR Perhaps it'll go public on the 26th -not really sure as the GTS crew have their work cut out for them posting all 999 illos in the gallery.  EEEEEE!!!! Very excited! I've got all my digits crossed.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

MATS - JULY - Beverage, Personal Art

I confess I couldn't wait for the assignment -maybe than we could share like usual. But the assignment was Personal Beverage Art.  And we were asked to continue not sharing so we could arrive at our personal art pieces without undue influence from fellow mates. No sharing until the July Gallery went live on July 22, 2014. Hint hint I'm on page 2.

BUT what is personal art to me? I have used the term Personal art/illo/project to refer to uncomissioned work. Self-started art created with the end purpose of submitting to editors/art directors or pumping up my portfolio or making into product/content for my POD shops. Nothing wrong with all that but was that really personal??? Yes personal  as there is only my self-imposed deadline but not really personal as I'm still hoping someone other than moi likes it.  In it's purest form I believe it should mean - art that I do just for me. Could be experimental - something I might hang up on my wall or not. Something I rarely do - but now I have this assignment... And Now for something Totally Different!
ICE CREAM SODA © 2014 Diana Ting Delosh
Look Mom no lines! Yup - decided to be bold and daring - no sketch -no ink line - just start painting fast and furiously. Originally I had intended to do ink on an overlay and than combine with the painting in photoshop But I decided I liked it as is. Do you? I really wanted to ask my Camp mates their opinion.

I decided on ice  cream soda because it was 90º and it had the most color potential of all my 7 beverage warm -up art. And also because Ice cream sodas remind me of my mom.  See previous post, MATS - July Warm up - Beverages to see my 7 warm-ups for his assignment.

MATS -July Warm Up - Beverages

The final month of Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells Boot Camp was structured differently from all the previous months. As usual we got the mini first with no hint of an assignment. Draw, sketch, paint, whatever 7 beverages - from life - in any medium, try discarded surfaces etc. BUT unlike all the previous months we were NOT Allowed to Share our creations. EEK! Was Lilla preparing us for life after Bootcamp? And Now that the July Gallery has gone live...
1 - French Tea -© Diana Ting Delosh
ball point pen in my journal
2-Morning cup of Tea © Diana Ting Delosh
3 Rapidiograph Pen on paint test scrap

3- Mike's Lemonade Sketch - © Diana Ting Delosh -  fat marker on the paper towel I used to dab my brush with and clean up my paint wells with. Loved the way how the marker bled on the crumpled toweling.
 4 - Glass of water - © Diana Ting Delosh -  fat marker on the paper towel that I use to blot my inks and paint.
 5- © Diana Ting Delosh -  fat marker on the paper towel blotter.
6- Ice creamed Coffee - © Diana Ting Delosh - Pen  sketch in sketch book
7- Mom's Ice Cream Soda - © Diana Ting Delosh -  pen sketch in sketch book

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MATS -May Boot Camp Gallery

Come one come all the May Make Art That Sells, Boot Camp Gallery is  now Open for  your viewing pleasure.  Take a gander at all the wonderful editorial illustrations on Meditation. Can you find mine in the midst of 7 pages of gorgeousness? Hint, hint, mine is on page 2, dianadelosh.  To visit the Gallery Click HERE. Enjoy!

To read more about  my Meditation Illustration process please read my previous blog post.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

MATS - May Editorial Meditation

Not Meditating © Diana Ting Delosh 5/22/14
ink, watercolor, Photoshop
The May assignment for Lilla Rogers' Make Art That Sells (MATS) Boot Camp was to create an editorial illustration for an article, How to meditate: A Primer For People Who Don't Like to Meditate by Grace Suh. Hence why my meditating lady has one eye sneaking a peek. She's just a wee bit distracted by her  thoughts. 

I was really excited about doing an editorial illustration in my own style. The MATS way: begin by non-threatening doodling. Continue doodling until you're nice and loose and ready to tackle anything. In doodling you find your own way to do the assignment. (My Face warm up sketches are in the previous post.) Read the article and sketch your concept. Very Zen.
40 - Not Meditating Sketch © Diana Ting Delosh 5/12/14
Ball point pen
This assignment felt like it was on familiar ground. My first out of college illustration assignment was an editorial illustration. I had landed it by happy accident as at the time I had one of those dreadful just out of school, everything and the kitchen sink portfolios. You would have thought after that bit of luck that I would've focused my portfolio on editorial art. But NO. I veered towards kid publishing and greeting cards. Partly because editorial illustration seemed to favor very graphic conceptual art and my assignment seemed to be an anomaly. Fast forward to the present:  Lilla showed samples of editorial illustrations that were not created in that ultra clean graphic style and made me realize that there was a place for my art in that market. In fact that's what's so great about MATS every assignment to date has shown me a different market and how I can apply my art/style to it. Pretty happy with my finished illo and added it to my Editorial portfolio.  Now just need to create more editorial illustration samples as I'm really excited about this potential market.

40 refers to my personal challenge, 365 Drawings 2014.

Friday, May 23, 2014

MATS - May - Faces

Make Art That Sells, MATS BootCamp is back from April break... and on the 1st monday of May, we got our mini assignment - FACES! This is a biggie - being able to illustrate people in your own fashion is important as it opens up more markets for your art.
36 - Doll Doodles © Diana Ting Delosh 5/7/14
Lilla suggests we  doodle from dolls as they have already been simplified/stylized and like photos they don't move. I'm not having an easy time doodling doll heads. I'm one of those people that find dolls a wee bit creepy.  In fact there are a whole slew of sketches that I'm not showing because they are really, really bad. No idea what the actual assignment will be yet. I suspect since Lilla mainly showed us Adult Doll images that it will be an assignment involving adults. Guessing not kids books.

37 - Three Dolly Girls Sketches © Diana Ting Delosh 5/8/14

Looked around for more Doll images and came across these friendly cloth dolls. Find these don't have the creep factor and I'm able to loosen up and enjoy the process.
38 - More Dolls Sketches © Diana Ting Delosh 5/8/14
Think I'm "getting this warm-up"  - Finally!  I'm starting to see how sketching dolls can lead to your own style of drawing people. Yup! Happy with it.

39 - dolls/Kids sketches © Diana Ting Delosh 5/8/14
Now I do draw people but I prefer drawing animals. As can be seen by my website, dianadelosh.com: 57 illustrations in the Animal portfolio while my People portfolio only has 16. Granted I could probably cull some of the animal illos  but the People portfolio could use some beefing up. So here's to doing loads more people illos and snagging more illustration commissions.

In case you were wondering, the  MAY MATS Assignment is to do an Editorial Illustration. It's actually already done as the deadline is May 25th but I will blog about the illustration process in the next post.

Numbers: 36 -39 refers to my personal challenge, 365 Drawings 2014. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

365 Drawings 2014 - Gelatin, kettles , Apple

Catching up on a backlog of 365 drawing posts. Realized that it's already mid-may and I never posted my drawings from March! So here they are, better late than never.

32 - Gelatin molds and Gelatin see March MATS Jelée post.
© Diana Ting Delosh 3//414
Red ball point pen

33 - Tea Kettles
© Diana Ting Delosh 3/5/14
Red ball point pen

34 - Golden Delicious Apple
© Diana Ting Delosh 3/12/14
colored pencil

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

#Twoodle - Heron Wizard Shoe

I happened to be on Twitter when I saw a #Twoodle Tweet and as I was in Sketching mode -just had to join in and I'm glad I did. It is so freeing and relaxing to do something nonsensical and for fun's sake. Here's my Twoodle sketch inspired by the words:
Heron, Shoe by @KimieLampers
Wizard by @deuhlig
You can follow me on Twitter @dtdelosh
© Diana Ting Delosh 5-7-14
Ball Point Pen Doodle #35*
This Heron has found some wizard's hat and wand and has accidentally conjured a shoe much to the delight of his fishy audience.

So what's Twoodle you may ask.
Go here to find out more: http://twoodle.wordpress.com/about-twoodle/ and for this weeks
Twoodle words click here: http://twoodle.wordpress.com/2014/05/06/twoodle-words-for-may-7th-2014/

*I'm counting this doodle as #35 of my 365 Drawings in 2014 exercise. From now on I will be numbering them As I post. I seem to have slacked off with my sketching and posting in April. Have been sketching and have reasons for not posting but will save it for another post.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Hoppy Easter from Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole © Diana Ting Delosh
Ink & Watercolor.
Have you ever wondered what happens down a rabbit hole? Well, IF you happen to peek during the time leading up to Easter and the warren belongs to the Easter Bunny this is what you'll see.

This illustration was originally created for the NJ SCBWI 2013 June Conference's Juried art show theme "Down the Rabbit Hole".

Wishing you an

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

MATS - March Jelée Joy!

The March assignment for Lilla Rogers' Make Art That Sells (MATS) Boot Camp was to create a gelatin mold inspired bolt fabric design. We did not have to know how to do repeats although that would be a bonus. (Whew - as I don't know how to do repeats. Although I intend to learn how.) We were to focus on the icons. She also introduced us to a  nougat inspired color palette: muddy pinks, creams, pistachio green, mint, citron, etc.
Here's my design: Jelée Joy.
© Diana Ting Delosh
My Gelatin Bolt Fabric design, Gelée Joy is in the MATS March Boot Camp Gallery - it's on page 3. Feast your eyes on 8 pages of delicious art from my super talented Boot Camp mates.

I enjoyed this assignment and I believe it shows in the final art. The gelatin theme made me think happy thoughts: bright jewel colors, jiggly desserts, sweet and tart all at once. I like drawing food at least desserts. I wasn't sure about the nougat colors as I couldn't get the bright gem like tones out of my head. Decided to keep my jellies as brights and use the nougat tones in the background.

Here's my process from doodles to finish:
1 - On the first monday in March Lilla sent us our Warm-up theme: Gelatin molds. BUT the end purpose wasn't revealed until the following week. I did several doodle pages in preparation. Here's one.
A few warm up doodles
© Diana Ting Delosh

2 - Sketch - Ink - Watercolor! Began in earnest. decided to only paint the gelées and to leave the supporting cast of fruits, leaves and flowers as line art. Scan all in and arrange with Photoshop.
Jelée Joy WIP
© Diana Ting Delosh
3 - Continue layering and arranging and tweaking in Photoshop. UNTIL... DRUM ROLL PLEASE... (bouce back up to the top)  Ta Dah -  Gelée Joy!

I will be making this into a print and other items on my Society6.com/dianadelosh  store - first. But not before I tweak some more.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Art Hare's Wares: My Spanking New Store at Society6

The Art Hare's Wares: My Spanking New Store at Society6: I had originally planned on "launching"  my new Society6.com/dianadelosh store when I had a few more products and maybe even a ba...

Please hop over to my other blog and read about my Society6.com/dianadelosh store and the Special Promo offer. Special ends March 9th, 2014 midnight PST.

Monday, March 3, 2014

365 Drawing 2014: 29 - 31 Vegetables

Realized I better post these as it's already March.  This trio of ball point pen sketches were done on 2/22/14. Can You guess what we had for dinner?
29 - Golden Beet © Diana Ting Delosh
30 - Asparagus
31 - Garlic head & Cloves
© Diana Ting Delosh
If you guessed roasted golden beets, and broiled asparagus with olive oil and garlic you are correct. We also had broiled pork chops glazed with orange juice and soy sauce But the vegetables were the stars.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

MATS - Cuckoo for Cell Phone Cover

Drum roll please and now for the reveal. Ta Dah! Here's my final Cuckoo cell phone cover design that I submitted to the MATS February Boot Camp Gallery.  You can view mine and my amazing class mates designs on the CLASS GALLERY. Please take a gander.
Cuckoo Cell Phone Cover Mock-up
Ink watercolor Photoshop
© Diana Ting Delosh
So what are my take aways from the class so far other than I have so much to learn and I should let loose more? Specifically:

To begin with I need a logo. I have an old logo from my ancient graphic design days that I have been using on my invoices etc. It looked fine on my invoices but when I put it on my mock-up page it looked so-o-o heavy & dated.  Did not match the breezy fun vibe I was aiming for. Even changing the colors to a current trendy palette did not help. As you can see I used my bird "ICON" as my logo. Will probably keep it as part of my logo but I need to work on the type. 

I think for March I'll doodle with my inking pens or markers from the beginning. This way I can just use it as an icon and not have to re-ink. Saves time and keeps the freshness of the original doodle.

There is no specific right way to design a cuckoo inspired cell phone cover but there are many interesting ways to do it.

To paraphrase Lilla Rogers: They Buy Your Joy!

You can view my warm-up doodles for this assignment on this previous post: MATS/February: Kookoo for Cuckoo Clocks 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Promo Postcard: Dancing!

Front & Back of 2014 Bear & Hare Dancing Postcard
Front & Back. all art © Diana Ting Delosh
Tah Dah! My first Promo postcard for 2014.  Here's my printed Bear & Hare Dancing Postcard, front & back, Freshly unpacked from the Vistaprint.com box.

For the front, I chose my current fave, an illo from my latest Picture book dummy.

For the back, I have all my contact info plus another illustration, just in case it lands on their desk face down, a sample of my hand lettering from the same book dummy. I don't always pick something from the same project, usually it's another illustration just for variety. There's plenty of space left for the address, stamp and even a bit of room if I need to write a short note.

Now off to update my promo list and get this round of Postcards off.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

MATS February: Kookoo for cuckoo clocks & Drawings 23 - 28

What have I been up to lately? I signed up for Lilla Rogers' Make Art That Sells Boot Camp. What attracted me to this e-course was Lilla's attitude and the "doability" factor. The course is structured as 1 assignment a month, starting in February, with April off and ending in July. 5 assignments designed to help build a more commercial illustration portfolio. Sounds like just what I need.

First day of class, Feb 3 the warm-up: Cuckoo Clocks. A prompt? But I don't know what the end use will be? Find it unsettling to not know what the end game is. We are told to just have fun. So I doodle away. I even make a horrific mess with dip pens and a bottle of ink.  Discover I'm not in love with Cuckoo clocks. I like the leaves, the bird, the pine cones, the rustic, folksey vibe but not the clock.

Feb 10th - The Assignment: design a cellphone cover. OK- Now I have my end use. More doodling - this time trying to think of how it will look on a cell phone cover.  BTW the assignment needs to be handed in by Feb 23, 3pm EST time - IF I want to be part of the MATS February Boot Camp Class Gallery.
#23 - Cuckoos - 2/3/14
© Diana Ting Delosh 

#24 - Our Cuckoo - 2/4/14
© Diana Ting Delosh

#25 - everything but the Cuckoo - 2/5/14
© Diana Ting Delosh

#26 - Squirrel Cuckoo - 2/10/14
© Diana Ting Delosh

#27 - Sunflower Cuckoo - 2/10/14
© Diana Ting Delosh

#28 - Bird Flower Cuckoo - 2/10/14
© Diana Ting Delosh
Having fun with this class, doodling Cuckoo clock cell phone cover ideas. Some of these doodles won't end up on my phone cover BUT I see lots of things I want to explore further. Lilla told us to think of icons. I'm not used to thinking this way. Also not used to doing a product mock up. Have lots to ponder and learn.

So did I finish? YES - and I'll show you in my next MATS post along with the link to the Bootcamp Gallery this Tuesday 2/25! I'm really excited about viewing all my class mates work on the gallery. Can't wait until it goes public.

And whats with the numbers? # 23 -28 refer to my personal drawing challenge of 365 drawings in 2014. Yup I'm falling behind. I admit it. But I think I'll continue to keep tabs for the hell of it. Who knows the year is young and I might just catch up still. On the other hand - theres' a lot of drawing I'm not counting because I'm not able to show them as I do them. So do I feel bad that I'm not current? Nah. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

365 Drawing 2014: No. 18 - 22, Kitties +

I find it best to sketch/doodle first thing in the morning while I'm having my  tea.  My preference is to sketch from life or to draw from my imagination. Although I do draw from photos from time to time as an exercise. It's a great warm up for other creative endeavors and it helps to set the tone for the day. No matter what happens afterwards at least I did this one thing that feels really, really good. Unfortunately my schedule doesn't always allow for AM doodling. A friend tells me to try getting up earlier. As a natural owl, I find it easier to stay up later. Perhaps I should work with my insomnia.
18 - Kitty Sleeping, Pencil
© Diana Ting Delosh
19 - Bottle, Ball point pen
© Diana Ting Delosh
20 - Me at 3, Ball point pen
© Diana Ting Delosh
21 - Strawberries,  Ball point pen
© Diana Ting Delosh 2/2/14
22 - Kitty starting to nod while sitting. Ball point pen
© Diana Ting Delosh 2/4/14