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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

MATS - Cuckoo for Cell Phone Cover

Drum roll please and now for the reveal. Ta Dah! Here's my final Cuckoo cell phone cover design that I submitted to the MATS February Boot Camp Gallery.  You can view mine and my amazing class mates designs on the CLASS GALLERY. Please take a gander.
Cuckoo Cell Phone Cover Mock-up
Ink watercolor Photoshop
© Diana Ting Delosh
So what are my take aways from the class so far other than I have so much to learn and I should let loose more? Specifically:

To begin with I need a logo. I have an old logo from my ancient graphic design days that I have been using on my invoices etc. It looked fine on my invoices but when I put it on my mock-up page it looked so-o-o heavy & dated.  Did not match the breezy fun vibe I was aiming for. Even changing the colors to a current trendy palette did not help. As you can see I used my bird "ICON" as my logo. Will probably keep it as part of my logo but I need to work on the type. 

I think for March I'll doodle with my inking pens or markers from the beginning. This way I can just use it as an icon and not have to re-ink. Saves time and keeps the freshness of the original doodle.

There is no specific right way to design a cuckoo inspired cell phone cover but there are many interesting ways to do it.

To paraphrase Lilla Rogers: They Buy Your Joy!

You can view my warm-up doodles for this assignment on this previous post: MATS/February: Kookoo for Cuckoo Clocks 

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