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Monday, February 24, 2014

Promo Postcard: Dancing!

Front & Back of 2014 Bear & Hare Dancing Postcard
Front & Back. all art © Diana Ting Delosh
Tah Dah! My first Promo postcard for 2014.  Here's my printed Bear & Hare Dancing Postcard, front & back, Freshly unpacked from the Vistaprint.com box.

For the front, I chose my current fave, an illo from my latest Picture book dummy.

For the back, I have all my contact info plus another illustration, just in case it lands on their desk face down, a sample of my hand lettering from the same book dummy. I don't always pick something from the same project, usually it's another illustration just for variety. There's plenty of space left for the address, stamp and even a bit of room if I need to write a short note.

Now off to update my promo list and get this round of Postcards off.

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