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Monday, March 7, 2016

In Case you missed it...Groundhog Waltz, Illustration Process

Just in case you missed it, over at my D2PB Group Blog, I shared my illustration process behind my Groundhog Waltz illustration.
My tools from L to R: mechanical pencil, 0.7mm HB black lead, kneaded eraser, Micron  Brush Pen, Higgins Black India Ink, brush, 00 Rapidiograph pen, Black India Rapidiograph Ink Universal waterproof for paper &; film, assorted brushes, paint palette for mixing my colored inks.
Please Click on the link to read all about it on Drawn To Picture Books: Groundhog Waltz, Illustration Process: Diana Ting ...: Here's a peek into my illustration process.

BTW: Notice the rough sketch behind my illustration implements? It's a very sneaky peek at a personal project currently on my drawing board. Sh-h-h-h.


lisa lewicki hermanson said...

Love artists tools. And pencil drawings a personal favorite... looks good just "as is' !

Di said...

Thanks Lisa:) I know I love seeing what others mess around with.