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Sunday, October 9, 2016

INKTOBER2016: Inks 1 - 9

INKTOBER: 31 inky illustrations in 31days. Posting on twitter with #inktober #inktober2016

Inktober 2016 started off on a weekend with houseguests and the new scanner had yet to arrive. SO I started late, on October 4, meaning I was already 4 days and 4 inks behind. While a part of me thought of not beginning because it was late, another part decided to just jump in. After all I've been thinking of starting a daily sketch habit. Might as well begin with Inktober! While some of the artists doing Inktober are doing themes, my rules will be very open: as long as the sketch or finished illustration had some ink involved I was counting it. Click on images to enlarge.
1 - Beast Biro Sketch, © DianaTing Delosh

2 - Beast BiroSketch, © Diana Ting Delosh

3 - Beast BiroSketch, © Diana Ting Delosh
Inks number 1 - 3 were quick Biro. ball point pen, sketches for a beastie character for a personal project. My current fave is the 3rd Rhino-Boy beast. On the other hand the 1st sketch has a vulnerable quality to him. Hm-m-m may have to do a few more beasties before I can make a decision on how/what this character will look like. 

4 - Fern Ink Line art detail, Micro Pens © Diana Ting Delosh

5 - Wildflowers Ink Line art detail, Radiograph Pens © Diana Ting Delosh

 Inks number 4 & 5 are details from 2 illustrations from an inky project on my drawing board that I can't show too much of - yet. Taking a page from my fellow illustrators when they're in this situation and just showing a DETAIL from the illustrations. 
6 - Tomato Biro Sketch © Diana Ting Delosh

I find drawing from life first thing in the morning to be very calming. A nice way to begin the day on a positive note.

7 - Bumble Bee, Micron Pen fun © Diana Ting Delosh
8 - Rhododendron, MicronPen Line art detail, © Diana Ting Delosh
9 - Morning Tea & Vitamins, Biro Sketch, © Diana Ting Delosh
Ta Dah! Nine inks in nine days! Think I'm getting the hang of making Inktober part of my daily ritual just like my morning mug of tea & vitamins. 

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Patricia Keeler said...

Hum, this InkTober is getting more interesting as more of my wonderful artist friends join in the event! Such a great spread of images to start off the morning with, Di. Your work will be fun to watch over the month!

Di said...

Thanks Pat!