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Monday, September 26, 2016

2016 Illustration Promotion Pages

One of my favorite pet projects for my local illustrators group, CBIG is to put together the annual Illustration Directories, the COLOR and the BLACK & WHITE to showcase our member illustrators. And if I'm designing the things, I sure as hell going to make sure I have a promo page in both of them. Personally, I think it's a good practice to make your own promo page annually anyway.
2016 Black & White Promo Sheet
The challenge to designing a promo page is deciding which illustrations go on it. Feature one or multiple illos? Definitely only 2016 work. This may sound easy but some years if I'm working on hush, hush projects this could be tricky. I went with three images for my BLACK & WHITE page: an ink and wash, an adult coloring book line art style and a grayscale version of  a hand lettering piece.

2016 Color Promo Sheet
For my Color Promo Page I decided to keep it simple and only one image.

Why should you create a promo page or two? You can add the PDFs to your website for your potential clients to print out. (next on my to-do list) Hand out the print outs to Art Directors & editors you meet at conference one-on-ones or other opportunities. You can also e-mail them as an attachment or give them the link on your website. Share them on your social media sites etc.

YAY! My BOY was selected for the cover of the BLACK & WHITE directory by a vote by the CBIG membership.  Very honored to be amongst my talented colleagues: Stephanie Ruble, Sharon Holm, Mike Ciccotello.

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