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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tah Dah - April 2011 Self-Promo Postcard!

Skunk, Bear, Bunny April 2011 self-promo postcard design
Ink & Watercolor © Diana Ting Delosh
TA DAH!  My 2011 self-promo postcard are ready to go out into the world... whew!

Normally I do 3 postcard campaigns a year but last year I never got around to doing my usual fall campaign. Fall 2010 I had a series of unfortunate events; beginning with my G4 crashing and dying a messy and untimely death - mid project of course. Is there ever an opportune time for computers to die? My latest mailing list was a casualty along with a whole bunch of files I had never gotten around to copying to my external hard drive or the new computer.  Luckily I did have the new computer in studio. Needless to say doing the 2010 fall  postcard campaign meant redoing the list. (Note to self: copy current labels/list files to the Lacie). Just the thought of the task put me in full procrastination mode - forget about any other disasters and dramas that occurred last fall. Suffice to say the 2010 Fall postcards did not go out.

Is a postcard campaign even relevant in 2011? Decided yes - I should quit stalling. While I don't get an assignment with everyone of my mailings - I do usually get a positive response. So back to trying to do 3 mailings a year.

What design to use? A totally new one or an image that's my current fave? I never know what to pick. The image is of crucial importance after all that's the one that will make them click on your website or not. Considered doing a new design until I read that postcard postage rates will go up April 17th - from 28¢ to 29¢! That decided it. Use a current fave and get off my butt and send it to Vistaprint.com.  Decided to cut my list in half for a  lean focused campaign. The printed cards arrived - early. Thanks Vista! My labels are done! Just need to stick on address labels and stamps and Voila they'll be out and on their way before April 17th! Whew - now that wasn't too bad!


Judy Adamson said...

Well done for getting it finished! I like your choice of image and hope it will bring you a lot of successful projects!

Di said...

Thanks Judy!

Morph Waffle said...

They look super cute!

Morph Waffle said...

Hi Di, you don't have to answer this if it's too personal, but is HAI worth it, have they brought much work your way? Thanks!

Di said...

HI Missy, It's not too personal. I've only started with HAI end of February so it's much too early to tell. So far no work. But I'd fall off my chair if I got something through them so soon. The site does give artists lot's of ways to be seen -which is helpful to get that exposure... and ultimately new work. I should blog about all the things I've tried and results to date.

Morph Waffle said...

Thanks Di, I was thinkin about givin them a try!